My antivirus or firewall software reports RiffTrax: The Game contain a trojan or potentially dangerous program - what is happening?

The Steam application or RiffTrax: The Game has been mistakenly identified as a virus or "trojan" by certain antivirus software. 

Some general issues that antivirus software can cause:

  • Deleting or quarantining game installation files. This can prevent the game from launching, cause game crashes, or other major in-game issues.
  • Preventing a game or Steam's process from launching, or stopping it shortly after it has launched.
  • Preventing network communication from a game's or Steam's process. This can result in game or Steam crashes, or game or Steam features that rely on network communication to not work.

So how do I fix this? You can create an exception for the game within your antivirus software. Follow the steps found here to do so:

If the antivirus software deleted or corrupted the game files, you can restore deleted or corrupted files by following the instructions to Verify Integrity of Game Files for the game.