It's no secret, Freedom Finger has a massive soundtrack. Here's the full track listing, in no particular order. Enjoy! 

Aesop Rock - Play Dead

Aesop Rock - KOWP

Aesop Rock - Drums On The Wheel

Aesop Rock - Rat Skull

Aesop Rock - Snowmobile

Aesop Rock - Twice Fried

Aesop Rock - Frozen Caveman

Red Fang - Prehistoric Dog

Male Gaze - Smog Dawn

True Widow - Night Witches

The Radio Dept. - Bad Reputation

Ezee Tiger - Tiger Bounce

Ezee Tiger – Pizza Show

Ezee Tiger - Private Dancer

The Mall - Harboring Hosts

Drab Majesty - The Foyer

Drab Majesty - Pragmagick

Drab Majesty - Unknown to the I

Drab Majesty - Hallow

Drab Majesty - Careless

Male Gaze - The Shining Path

Com Truise - BASF Ace

Com Truise - Norkuy

Tobacco - Dipsmack

Tobacco - Father Sister Berzerker

White Fence/Ty Segall - Time

White Fence - Make Them Dinner at Our Shoes

White Fence - Mr. Adams

White Fence - Pink Gorilla (live)

White Fence - Chairs in the Dark (live)

Makeup and Vanity Set - Homecoming

Metz - Acetate

Metz - The Swimmer

Metz - Nervous System

Power Trip - Murderer's Row

John Maus - Believer

Male Gaze - Reno

Cleaners From Venus - Blue Wave

Danimal Cannon - Moonlight Sonata

Vektroid - We Need To Talk